Nathan Morris

I'v been working in professional music for over 10 years, experienced as both an engineer and a musician, and know the struggles artists go through trying to create and release music.
My goal is to help craft your recordings to be the best they can be, enhance the uniquness in your sound and build a finished product that will bring your vision alive to your fans


The past

Like most in people in music, i started young, learning various instruments through school, primarily Drums, Bass and Guitars.

Over the years i have played in various bands on various instruments, performing live is, and always will be a huge passion of mine.


I studied Music Technology through college and University. Shortly after finding my first engineering job at Flipside Studios in Coventry of which have since become owner and manager, working with various talented musicians across a huge spectrum of genres.

The Present

My passion lives in Mixing great songs for a modern market.
Specialising in rock, indie, pop, rap, trap and anything current.

Over the years i have perfected my craft, and built a great selection of software and hardware to bring out the best in my clients music

If you want modern, crisp, punchy mixes than jump out of the speakers yet retain all the subtleties and uniqueness that makes you you, then get in touch, and lets see what we can do

Pure Mixing

Online mixing, mastering and audio services based in Coventry, Warwickshire, Birmingham and the West Midlands 

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